The story of Ajlani Motors

Founder & CEO Bashar Ajlani, a car designer & art director was granted multiple 1st place Awards for his previous works. From a Platinum position with A' Design Award and Competition making him the #1 rated designer in the UAE based on, to earning 1st place Masters Scholarship held by Pininfarina in automotive design, and interning with W Motors in his early career, Bashar has taken on the dream to design and build his own hypercar brand based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with a manufacturing facility in Italy.


Passionate in his pursuit and after 5 years of crafting the dragon Hypercar Ajlani Drakuma, the unveiling at the Dubai International Motor Show on November 2019 has finally been completed. 

"With design in our DNA, and performance in our hearts, Dragons are born."

Ajlani Motors FZ LLE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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